Generally Healthy Kids Are Not Dying or Being Hospitalized Due to COVID-19

Generally Healthy Kids Are Not Dying or Being Hospitalized Due to COVID-19

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The following is an excerpt from the article Reasonable Questions Regarding COVID-19.
The CDC says that every child six months and older should get the COVID vaccine. But the COVID vaccine for children is distributed under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) which means much shorter trial times (8 weeks instead of the usual 5 to 10 years) and, therefore, zero data on potential long-term adverse effects like cancer, impairment to fertility, genetic damage, etc.
The CDC will argue these potential risks are justified because there is a health emergency that is addressed with the vaccine. But is there really a health emergency for children? We now know that generally healthy children are largely unaffected by COVID. According to this preprint study, the COVID infection fatality rate for those under 20 years of age is a staggering 0.0003%. Furthermore, there don’t appear to be any documented and confirmed cases of generally healthy children dying from COVID.
According to Johns Hopkins researchers, of all patients who died of COVID-19, 83.29% of them had at least one comorbidity. Comorbidities include developmental disorders, intellectual disabilities, spina bifida, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, etc. (Source – Page 17)
The same study also found: “Among patients with no comorbidities, the youngest age group, 0 to 18, had 0.00 percent mortality (no deaths)” during a five month study period. (Source – Page 20)A joint report from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association observed that “children were 0.00%-0.24% of all COVID-19 deaths, and 3 states reported zero child deaths. In states reporting, 0.00%-0.01% of all child COVID-19 cases resulted in death.” (Source – Page 4)
Possible Response #1
Some people may argue that death is not the only outcome. That many children are hospitalized due to COVID, and this should also be prevented.
But hospitalizations among children are also relatively low; certainly not at a level that can reasonably be considered an “emergency”, especially with the much less virulent Omicron variant.
Dr. Eliza Holland and Dr. Nikki Johnson, both pediatricians, penned an Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal in which they said: “the risk of serious disease from Covid has always been low in otherwise healthy children.” (Source)
A UK Government publication entitled “COVID-19 Green Book” states: “Children and young people have a very low risk of COVID-19, severe disease or death due to SARS-CoV-2 compared to adults.” (Source – Page 38)
Newsweek article points out that “COVID-19 hospitalizations among children have been inflated by at least 40 percent” and that “hospitalizations among children were already extremely low relative to adults, but the new figures cut the key coronavirus metric by nearly half and make the actual rates among kids even smaller.”
Even Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledged that hospitalizations among children were being overcounted, saying in an MSNBC interview: “If you look at the children who are hospitalized, many of them are hospitalized with COVID as opposed to because of COVID. And what we mean by that… If a child goes in the hospital they automatically get tested for COVID and they get counted as a COVID hospitalized individual. When, in fact, they may go in for a broken leg or appendicitis or something like that. So it’s overcounting.”
Possible Response #2

Some people may argue that a vaccine is needed because even one child dying from COVID is too many.

While it is tragic that some children have died from COVID and that, indeed, even one death is too many, a 0.0003% fatality rate does not constitute an emergency necessitating vaccines that can potentially have fatal or debilitating adverse effects. If the argument, then, is that these effects are extremely rare, the same argument can be made that deaths from COVID among generally healthy children are also extremely rare.

On average, healthy U.S. children ages 0 to 14 are five times more likely to die in a car accident than from COVID-19. (Source)So why aren’t we declaring an emergency for children riding in automobiles?

Dr. Scott Jensen said: “I just don’t understand why we are so hell-bent on vaccinating kids under the age of 20 or 30 that have a statistically 0% chance of dying of COVID-19 disease. When we know that there are clearly evidences that this vaccine is problematic in ways we’ve never seen before, wherein the vaccine wasn’t pulled from the market.” (Source at 23:36)

So where is the COVID emergency for children? And if, indeed, there is no real emergency, why are we giving them an “emergency use” vaccine?

The preceding is an excerpt from the article Reasonable Questions Regarding COVID-19.

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