Vaccine Injury Cover-up Evidence

Below you find documented evidence of a seemingly blatant effort to cover-up injuries and adverse events (including death) as a result of the COVID vaccine. All events are quoted from mainstream media. Links to the full and original story are included for each one. In response to deaths after the COVID vaccine, many health officials and doctors say…

“When you roll out a mass vaccination program on this scale, which is pretty much unprecedented now, by the law of large numbers there are going to be quite a few reports of people who die or have something bad happen to them after getting vaccinated just by random chance alone.”

This is a direct quote from Dr. David Gorski which can be found here. This response is logical in cases where people have experienced adverse events weeks or months after the vaccine. But for all the cases documented below, the adverse event occurred within minutes or hours of the vaccine. This critical detail makes it infinitely less likely that it is due to “random chance”.

Nevertheless, our objective here is NOT to prove that the COVID vaccine caused harm or death. While the almost immediate adverse events are extremely alarming, what’s equally alarming are the efforts to cover-up the vaccine as a possible cause. And this is much easier to prove, as the evidence can be seen in the many examples below.

For instance, with death occurring literally within minutes of vaccination and despite no autopsy being performed, doctors, health officials and news articles will claim “no reaction to the vaccine” or “not because of vaccine”. But how can they be certain of this? A more credible response would be… “We don’t know what the cause of death was”. In the same way we cannot say for certain the cause of death was due to the vaccine, they cannot say it was not due to the vaccine, even though circumstances reasonably indicate it was the former.

Why is all of this so important? Because the decision on whether or not to vaccinate boils down to risk vs. reward. And the general public trusts doctors and health officials who all say deaths from vaccines are one in a million. But this ratio is built upon the false premise we’ve already outlined. If death within minutes or hours of a vaccine begin to be considered as likely due to the vaccine, the risk/reward ratio drastically changes. And this would have to be included as part of informed consent.

This is why we are presenting the evidence below. The general public needs to be aware of the numerous and mounting cases of injuries and deaths within minutes or hours of vaccination. And they need to be made aware of the obviously blatant cover-up by many doctors and health officials. You can help in this effort by posting this webpage and/or the individual images below to all your social media accounts. Click on each image below to view that image only.

Note: Click on each image to read more info such as criticisms and rebuttals.

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