Vaccine Injury Cover-up Evidence

The news clippings below report people dying days, hours and even minutes after receiving the COVID vaccine. Is this irrefutable evidence that it was the vaccine that caused their deaths? No, because it is within the realm of possibility that it was mere coincidence.

What we do show below, however, is clear evidence of a vaccine cover-up. While no one can say with certainty that the vaccine was the cause of death, likewise, no one can say with certainty that the vaccine was not the cause of death. Then why is it that in every one of the news reports below, the vaccine was either proclaimed as not being the cause of death, not suspected or completely ignored? Such proclamations are being made before any autopsies were performed and, in some cases, made at the scene where the death occurred. The best thing that health officials could have said was “We don’t know if it was the vaccine or not”. 

Again, this is not evidence of vaccine injury. This is evidence of vaccine injury cover-up. Doctors and health officials are refusing to suspect or even mention the vaccine. And in some cases they declare it as NOT the cause of injury or death, within hours or minutes of the adverse event. No autopsy, no evidence, and no science to support such a claim.

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